Quite simply, the rapid expansion of the personal computer in the late 80’s, has led to tremendous growth. Australia alone per head of capita around the world is in the top 10 for computer ownership.

Considering our population versus other countries this is a pretty interesting statistic. But what does it mean?

It means that whether we like it or not we are becoming more and more dependant on Computing Technology.

Think about it, are there many things thay you do in your daily activities that don’t involve a computer or computer network?

Consider the explosive growth of the Internet over the past ten years. This means that there are many more computers today than in the past and businesses are required that can advise, support and maintain computer equipment and infrastructure. This is why Infinite Computer Solutions Australia (ICSA) exists today.

At ICSA we aim to provide a friendly, responsive service with the quality and accountability backed by our professional affiliations and our industry experience.

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